Greetings to all

Welcome to The One You Feed website. I am grateful for your interest in The One You Feed.

Many have ideas for books, some take the time to sit down and write the manuscript and a few move forward with publishing the book. It takes great courage, persistence and dedication.

For me the realization of The One You Feed would never have happened if not fueled by a wonderful, once in a life time, true unconditional love and connection.

Inspired by a uniquely special and beautiful heart The One You Feed is a blessing, a truly magical blessing.  An opportunity for me to share with the children in my life the magnificent lessons that the Universe chose to impart on me.

I hope you take the opportunity to read The One You Feed with those you love.  That it inspires a depth in dialog and thought process that moves beyond what you have experienced before and that it helps the children in your life have alternative options when faced with life’s most challenging situations.

Be Different and Unique every chance you get and most important, always be mindful of the one you feed.

Wishing you health, happiness and love