About the Book

Rarely do you find a book that can be enjoyed by the whole family and simultaneously be a source of learning for everyone, regardless of age. In the spirit of making our children stronger, wiser, and able to stand on their own in a life that is full of challenges, while at the same time strengthening their connections to family and the world, SDF Productions brings you this very special book.

It is an unusual reference book. It is not meant to be read straight through but rather it is designed to serve as a vehicle for character development.  Specifically when situations arise in our lives where families, siblings, friends, and even adversaries need to be nurtured and healed by gathering around an idea, a value, a treasured insight.

This book helps children and adults address their issues and conflicts.  It helps bring into awareness the eternal struggle within ourselves where, with support and guidance, we can learn to feed the better part of our nature.

Using value-laden words like “character”, “doubt”, and “disappointment” (some 46 of them) readers are first introduced to a very short story that illustrates the chosen word. This is then followed by a group of stimulating questions that open discussion and investigation between child and adult.  Next is a series of provocative quotations, and finishes with a page for all those involved to journal their thoughts.

Of particular value to families with children, this book helps replace the didactic parental voice that children so often resist. Instead it provides a new focal point toward which parent and child can bring their attention in a common learning experience. Something deep is shared equally, new and stronger connections are made, and memories are created.

This is a beautifully bound volume with a memorable cover created by a child. It is a keepsake filled with wisdom that can be blended with your own experience and remembrances. Keep it and pass it down through the generations. Purchase several copies for others as a timeless gift for family and friends that will be long, long remembered.