DePelchin Children’s Center Houston Texas

Ms. Armstrong Holding copy of The One You Feed

The DePelchin Children’s Center assist children and their families grow, learn and come together in a positive way. DePelchin had an interest in using The One You Feed to support the children living at their center. Victoria teamed up a with generous sponsor and on May 23, 2013 made a donation of books to the Center. Victoria is grateful for the interest in The One You Feed and wishes to thank the sponsor, Don McClellan from Alexander City Alabama for his wonderful sponsorship of the books for DePelchin. Victoria would also like to thank Pam Nelson from the Montessori House for Children in Katy Texas for all her efforts, without which this donation would have not been possible.

Catholic Charities of Greater Houston, Houston Texas

Mr. Lewis holding copy of The One You FeedOn May 23, 2013 a donation of books was made to the Catholic Charities of Greater Houston. Victoria is honored and proud to be in a position to make this donation of books. Victoria would like to again thank Don McClellan and Pam Nelson for making this donation possible.



Jefferson County, West Virginia

Shepherdstown Public Library FundraiserOn December 5th 2012 the Shepherdstown Public Library in Jefferson County West Virginia held a book signing and fundraiser for the new library capital campaign. It was a magical evening with a book reading of several chapters, outstanding discussion with the children in attendance and the event raised over $4000 for the library campaign. Victoria is proud and honored to have been involved in the event.

Alexander City, Alabama Event

Mamie’s Place Children’s LibraryOn October 11, 2012 the Lake Martin Area Economic Development leadership along with Mayor Barbara Young held a book signing at Mamie’s Place Children’s Library in Alexander City, Alabama. It was wonderful event. Victoria did a book reading of several chapters followed by thoughtful discussion with the children and adults in attendance.  Mayor Young and the library distributed approximately 100 books to the children of Alexander City Alabama.  Victoria is honored and very grateful to have been involved in the event.

Montessori House for Children, Katy Texas

On October 6, 2012 the Montessori House for Children held a book signing at their school.  The school uses the book in some of it’s communities.  It was a special event with a book reading of several chapters and outstanding discussion with the children in attendance.  Victoria is proud and honored to have been involved in the event.