What People Say About “The One You Feed”

"We have used The One You Feed with great success in our church's middle school/high school youth program.  The stories are great conversation starters for our time together, and the questions make all of us - youth and adults - think at a deeper level about the topics addressed in the book.

Our young people liked the book so much that a church member gave each of them a copy of his/her own.  They have been delighted with this gift, and several of the young people have told me they read it often.

I feel that The One You Feed  is truly a gift and a blessing for people of all ages, especially our children and youth.  In a time of uncertainty and chaos in the lives of so many young people, I'm glad that Ms. Horton has made it a priority to offer her thoughts and talents in such a helpful and uplifting way."

Reviewed by: The Rev. Linda Nye, Rector

"I was very impressed with Vicki’s book, The One you Feed. As the father of three young children, I found the book to be very helpful.  It is filled with unique short stories that will help kids understand the importance of doing the right thing when faced with a difficult decision.  In addition,  Vicki has been very generous to our community.  When she visited to present the book, she allowed us to use proceeds from the sale of her book to raise funds for the construction of a new library in town. It was a wonderful event and was very well received.  We really appreciate Vicki and the effort she made on behalf of our community."

Reviewed by: John Reisenweber, Dad and Executive Director

“This little gem of a book is easy to read and the stories are about everyday people who make choices that build character. It’s meant to be a short read so that most of the time spent is in discovering the lessons by talking with your young one. I recommend it for every parent’s bed time or anytime book shelf.”

Reviewed by: Pam Nelson, Executive Director

"Rarely do you find a book that can be enjoyed by the whole family and simultaneously be a source of learning for everyone, regardless of age. In the spirit of making our children stronger, wiser, and able to stand on their own in a life that is full of challenges, while at the same time strengthening their connections to family and the world."

Reviewed by: Lance Dom